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evious forecast of 6.3 ▓to 6.6 dollars.Its rival Ford Motor Co. has seen commodity costs rising 300 million do▓llars from last year, a

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  • iff plan disrupts global▓ auto industryTrump's tariff plan disrupts global auto industryTrump's tariff plan ▓disrupt
  • s global auto industry08-23-2018 11:02 BJTThe global nature of the automotive industry today means any change to i
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ts suppl▓y chain could be det

dollars in profit▓ in 2018, the automaker's Chief Financial Officer Bob Shanks told media earlier.Fiat Chrysler, along with its Germ

an, Japanese and South Korean competitors, have all voiced their concerns about potent▓ial impact additional tariffs on steel, alumin

g▓overnment rolled out addit

um, an▓d other intermediate goods could bring to the industry.Auto parts s▓uppliers have already taken the fall.Henniges Automotive, w

hich pr▓oduces automotive sealing, said they've already seen cost rising. Lucerne Inte▓rnational, which fabricates auto parts in its Asian plants and ship them back to the United States, is worried that the company's pro

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ods from some of its important trading partners,

auto companies in Michigan are losing s

fi▓t margin is too thin to offset the rise of costs.Like Lucerne International, many auto parts suppliers that are locked in long-term contracts with its clients will not be able to pass on higher costs. There are few ways for them to lower costs and break even. The companies will then be caught in a dilemma: whether to cling on to major clients running at a loss, or to stop loss by terminating partnership. Either way the▓ companies will suffer h